Scheduled maintenance is a critical part of every Honda model's long-term performance, safety, and comfort. If you want to keep your Honda running correctly, you'll need to schedule specific services throughout its lifespan.

Luckily for Farmington Hills and Livonia owners, Suburban Honda makes it easier than ever to plane service appointments. Any customer is welcome to plan a visit over the phone or in person, but there isn't always time in the day to get either task done.

That's why we offer convenient scheduling online. When your car is ready for a tire rotation or wheel alignment, you can book the appointment on your own in a matter of minutes.

The online scheduling portal will ask you for some important information. Namely, we'll need to know that specific year, make, and model of your vehicle so our technicians can prepare properly. Beyond that, we'll need to know the kind of service that your car needs and your contact information.

Finally, it's time to pick a date and time that you prefer. Make your selection, then submit the request. You can expect a prompt follow-up from one of our staff members to confirm the appointment! After that, all you need to do is show up for your appointment at our service center location near West Bloomfield and Southfield.

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