Keeping drivers and passengers safe in Honda vehicles has evolved over the years. From airbags and seatbelts to rollover protections, Honda has long been a leader in automotive safety developments. Now, the tradition continues with the brand's very own active safety technology suite: Honda Sensing®.

Honda Sensing® consists of several features that work with cameras and sensors to keep drivers more aware and even automatically react to certain road hazards. The Honda Sensing® package is designed to help new models detect and respond to many situations, and you'll surely be thankful to have it around.

Getting a model equipped with Honda Sensing® means getting a car that has an impressive list of safety technologies.

Collision Mitigation Braking System: This system can detect imminent collisions and use automatic braking to slow the vehicle.

Road Departure Mitigation System: If you start to go out of your lane, this feature can use gentle steering corrections to bring you back in.

Lane Keeping Assist System: This feature uses steering input to help you stay centered in your lane.

Adaptive Cruise Control: Automatic speed adjustments can maintain a consistent distance from other vehicles while cruising.

Traffic Sign Recognition: As you pass traffic signs, this feature can recognize them and display pertinent information in your gauge cluster accordingly.

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