Change Your Tires this Spring for Improved Performance, Comfort, Safety

Thinking about Springtime auto maintenance? You may want to consider changing your tires this spring to get a better driving experience in the warmer time of year.

Many drivers are surprised to discover the extent to which tires can affect your driving experience. A range of factors like wear and tear, tread patterns, and rubber compounds can all have drastic impacts on how your car drives. Driving on the wrong type of tire during the wrong season or driving on tires that are old or worn down can cause diminished performance, comfort, and even safety.

Wear and tear is one of the primary reasons that drivers in the area choose to change tires -- especially during spring. Road conditions like ice, salt, potholes, and more can wear down tires. After a few winter seasons, many sets need to be replaced. Change into a new set of tires and you'll likely experience a noticeable difference in traction and handling quality.

Some drivers choose to change between two sets of tires throughout the year -- one winter set and one summer set. Winter tires are designed with tread patterns and rubber compounds that maintain grip at sub-freezing temperatures, but their effectiveness is diminished at higher temperatures.

Summer tires, on the other hand, are engineered to maintain excellent grip in the warmer months. If you have a set of winter tires on your vehicle or want to change from all-seasons to a more specialized design, the time for the changeover is now.

Suburban Honda is happy to help you change your tires for a new set. Our hope is to help drivers throughout the area have better experiences at the wheel via quality long-term maintenance. Changing out tires this spring is one important piece of that mission. Contact us today to find out your new tire options or schedule an installation appointment.

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