New 2018 Honda HR-V in Farmington Hills

The 2018 Honda HR-V Is an Incredible Compact Crossover SUV That Drivers of All Skill Levels Can Enjoy!

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Compare this Honda Crossover SUV to Models Like the Toyota CH-R and Jeep Renegade

With competition growing ever tighter in the compact crossover SUV segment, the time for manufactures to put their best foot forward and deliver a high-quality and enjoyable driving experience is now firmly at hand.  The 2018 Honda HR-V is that best foot forward, and when you experience it for yourself at Suburban Honda in Farmington Hills, you'll understand why it's so deserving of the popularity and acclaim that it's already receiving.  Emulating the success and quality of the Honda CR-V crossover SUV, the 2018 Honda HR-V captures the best of Honda SUV's in a compact, and yet even more versatile crossover SUV model.  Experience the 2018 Honda HR-V for yourself with a test drive at Suburban Honda, and compare it competitors models like the Toyota CH-R or Jeep Renegade SUV's.

The 2018 Honda CR-V Delivers Incredible Versatility and Cargo Space for a Vehicle Its Size

Nestled between crossover SUV's and smaller sedan and hatchback models, the 2018 Honda HR-V offers drivers the valuable flexibility to use their Honda compact crossover SUV as a versatile moving vehicle and exciting family-hauler all at once.  Delivering 6.7-inches of ground clearance, significantly more than the Toyota CH-R and similar to that of the Jeep Renegade, the 2018 Honda HR-V delivers the high-driving style and excellent visibility that drivers value in a crossover SUV. With an incredible 24.3 cubic feet of cargo space even with the seats folded up and all five passengers seated inside, the 2018 Honda HR-V far outshines the cargo capacities of the Jeep Renegade or Toyota CH-R.  With the seats folded down or Honda's rear 'Magic Seats' flipped up to create storage space in the second row, the cargo capacity and cavernous convenience of the 2018 Honda HR-V is hard to beat!

Even with a smaller frame and body than the Jeep Renegade or Toyota CH-R, and a curb weight almost 100-pounds less than either vehicle; the 2018 Honda HR-V offers more cargo space and flexibility, while also delivering a nimble and sporty performance compared to the two larger and bulkier models.  While all three compact crossover models offer the ability to seat five passengers, the environment passengers are exposed to in the 2018 Honda HR-V will be much more to their liking for its more comfortable seating options.  Despite their comparable size and specifications, the 2018 Honda HR-V delivers significantly more comfortable seating options for passengers in the rear seat with more shoulder room and significantly more leg room than either competing crossover model.  The convenience of offering significantly more comfortable seating and cargo space all at once makes the 2018 Honda HR-V a hard combination to beat.

Enjoy Creative and Effective Tech and Features, With an Eye for Practicality and Safety!

In addition to its creative and effective use of space, the 2018 Honda HR-V also delivers an enjoyable and reliable performance that would make its big-sibling Honda CR-V proud.  Splitting the difference between a lifted Honda sedan model and a smaller Honda CR-V, the 2018 Honda HR-V delivers a smooth and comfortable driving experience regardless of driver skill or experience.  The 2018 Honda HR-V utilizes a 1.8-liter inline-4 engine with 141 horsepower and 127 pound-feet that is on par with its contemporary crossover model competitors.  Unlike the Toyota CH-R, the 2018 Honda HR-V offers drivers the opportunity to employ a six-speed manual transmission, with the opportunity to employ an efficient and capable Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), which you won't find available on the Jeep Renegade.  While it may not be designed to showcase its talents off-road like the Jeep Renegade, the all-wheel drive transmission you can pair with the CVT allows the 2018 Honda HR-V to regain traction and control in conditions of all kinds.

Trim Levels and Features on the 2018 Honda HR-V

The 2018 Honda HR-V LX

The 2018 Honda HR-V delivers an impressive amount of entertaining and impressive standard features across all trim levels. Drivers and passengers alike are sure to find tech and features to their liking, and family drivers will appreciate the consideration that went into some of the safety and convenience features they will find inside. Entry-level 2018 Honda HR-V LX models receive 17-inch alloy wheels, 60/40 folding rear seats with Honda’s Magic Seat feature, a tilt/telescoping steering wheel, and height adjustable driver seat.

The 2018 Honda HR-V LX also receives a rearview camera display in its five-inch color touchscreen, which doubles as the infotainment center with CD player, USB and Bluetooth connectivity to the four-speaker sound system. The standard transmission is a six-speed manual transmission with front-wheel drive configured, which pairs nicely with the 1.8-liter inline-4 engine with 141 horsepower and 127 pound-feet. All-Wheel drive is paired with the CVT automatic transmission and available on all 2018 Honda HR-V models, but you won’t find All-Wheel drive offered on the Toyota CH-R.

The 2018 Honda HR-V EX

2018 Honda HR-V EX and EX-Navi models also receive Honda Lane-Watch, a creative and helpful feature that places a camera in the passenger-side mirror that activates when you use the passenger-side turn signal. A live shot of your passenger-side blind spot is displayed on the five-inch touchscreen display, and remains there until you have completed your turn and turned off your signal light. The Honda Lane-Watch camera reveals an area that is four times larger than your side mirror alone, and prevents other vehicles from hiding in the larger blind spots you’ll find on the Toyota CH-R or Jeep Renegade.

Stepping up to the 2018 Honda HR-V EX brings a larger seven-inch touchscreen that displays the Honda Lane-Watch in stunning detail that also offers three alternate rearview camera angles with dynamic guidelines for accuracy in reverse. The 2018 Honda EX also offers a significant amount of surprisingly advanced features, including a sunroof, rear privacy glass, automatic climate control, and fog lights for improved visibility in conditions of all kinds. Drivers and front seat passengers can enjoy impressive comfort features as well, with heated front seats and mirrors, as well as keyless entry and ignition. Enjoy an electronic brake hold that allows you to take your foot off the break without moving forward in bumper-to-bumper traffic, and an impressive amount of hidden storage options for drivers and passengers to take advantage of.

Entertainment is also upgraded in the 2018 Honda HR-V EX, with a more powerful six-speaker sound system connected to the seven-inch touchscreen display and an additional USB port to allow you to charge multiple devices at once. The HondaLink smartphone application replaces the need for Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, allowing for simple operation of your mobile devices and seamless entertainment without taking your eyes off the road, thanks to the steering wheel mounted controls for audio and cruise control.

The 2018 Honda HR-V EX-L Navi

This top-of-the-line Honda HR-V model comes with all of the above listed tech and features, plus so much more! You can enjoy upgraded leather upholstery on seats and steering wheel, roof rails to accommodate bikes and kayaks, and an impressive navigation system that comes with voice-recognition software. Entertainment is also improved with HD Radio and Satellite radio offerings, and an auto-dimming rearview mirror makes driving at all hours less distracting. Across all trim levels and configurations, drivers can enjoy easy accessibility into and out of the cabin, and a relatively unobstructed view compared to the impeding columns and blind-spots of the Toyota CH-R or Jeep Renegade.

Test Drive the 2018 Honda HR-V at Suburban Honda in Farmington Hills

We hope to see you soon at Suburban Honda in Farmington Hills for a test drive of the 2018 Honda HR-V, and to compare it to the competition for yourself.  Our team looks forward to answering all your questions, and helping you learn all about the exciting versatility of this compact crossover SUV model from Honda.