For the Best Performance, Choose OEM Honda Parts and Accessories

When you shop for replacement parts or accessories for your Honda, you'll have plenty to choose from. The industry is packed with components from innumerable brands that are aimed to fit with Honda models of all kinds. However, there's only one brand to trust when you're really looking for the best quality every time: Honda itself.

Honda has its own OEM parts service that produces components of all kinds, from interior trim pieces to suspension components and more. Whether you need to replace a worn our part or add a useful accessory, we recommend always choosing Honda OEM options.

Benefits of Buying OEM Parts

  • Durability: OEM Honda parts simply made of tougher stuff. Honda itself has very high standards for quality and durability, whether it's producing a critical engine component or an easy add-on accessory. This durability can result in significant savings over time. That is, investing in a quality part now can keep you from having to spend more to replace it later.
  • Performance: Each Honda model is engineered with precision to deliver a specific kind of performance. Each component in the system has specific tolerances that promote overall performance. Using OEM parts keeps the tolerances in tact and helps to keep the car performing as Honda engineers originally intended. It's a great way to maintain your vehicle's ideal handling, power, efficiency, and ride comfort.

  • Warranty Compliance: Many aftermarket parts may void your car's factory warranty. Using OEM components can make sure your warranty coverage stays intact. Plus, many OEM Honda components come with warranty coverage of their own.

  • Fit and Appearance: You won't find slipshod workmanship with OEM Honda parts. Each one is designed and built to exact factory specifications so that it fits perfectly into its designated model. With aftermarket and off-brand components, you run the risk of installing an ill-fitting part. This can both affect performance and diminish the good looks of your prized ride.

    Get Your OEM Parts from Suburban Honda

    Suburban Honda near Westland and Southfield can help you get a hold of the OEM parts that your Honda needs. Our parts department is a top source for quality Honda components in the area, and we're ready to help you find the proper products. From brake pads to air filters, our parts experts can get you the components that fit your specific model perfectly.

    We make it easy to order OEM Honda parts. Call or visit to speak with a member of our team about submitting an order. If you don't have time to stop by, you can fill out and submit a parts request online. We have a large selection of parts on hand that we can leverage to fulfill your order as quickly as possible. If it's not on location, we can have your components delivered to our store promptly.

    You may need some help with installation once your order has been fulfilled. Luckily, Suburban Honda has a service center near Farmington Hills that can lend a hand. We can schedule an installation appointment at the same time that you order your components.


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