Springtime Maintenance at Suburban Honda

At Suburban Honda near Westland and Southfield, we're happy to help with springtime season vehicle maintenance. We offer a wide variety of recommended services that can help your vehicle prepare for warmer weather.

Taking Care of Your Tires

Tires play a critical role in vehicle performance and safety. Giving them some attention and care this spring is an important step in helping your vehicle recover from winter.

Tire Pressure Adjustment: Major shifts in temperatures can change the air pressure in your tires. As the weather gets warmer, it's a good idea to have your tire pressure checked and corrected if necessary. All cars have recommended tire pressures, after all. 

Tire Rotation: This service is recommended every few months to help your set last longer. It evens out the wear patterns among all four and gets them back on track so one doesn't wear faster than the others.

Wheel Alignment: Run into a pothole this winter? A wheel alignment may be in order. This service corrects alignment to make sure wheels are turning true. This process prevents excess tire wear.

Tire Change: Changing your tires can dramatically improve performance if you're replacing old, worn out tires. You may also need to change your tires over to a summer set if your car is still running on winter rubber.

Engine Maintenance

Spring is the perfect time to take care of some engine maintenance. From a visual inspection to topping off fluids, these services can help ensure that your engine is ready to run well in warm weather.

Engine Inspection: A lot can be revealed with a simple visual inspection. This spring have your technician look under the hood to diagnose any problems that may have arisen during winter.

Oil Change: Oil changes are among the most common auto services of spring. It's a good practice that ensures your engine has the proper lubrication to run smoothly.

Coolant Flush: Rising temperatures can present challenges for engine temperature management if you haven't changed the coolant in a while. Flush out the old stuff and top it off with fresh fluid that can help your engine maintain proper running temperature.

Engine Air Filter Change: Your engine needs clean air for maximum power and efficiency. To make sure clean air reaches your engine, we recommend installing a new air filter this spring.

Battery Test/Replacement: A dead battery is never a convenient experience for drivers around West Bloomfield or Livonia. You can avoid the situation this spring with a simple battery test or, if necessary, replacement.

Cleaning and Detailing

Spring cleaning isn't just for your home -- your car likely needs a wash as well.

Months of road salt, mud, and snow can add unwanted patina to your vehicle. Not only does it affect your car's look, but it can also damage its paint. That's why we here at Suburban Honda recommend having your vehicle washed and waxed when spring comes around.

Schedule Your Spring Appointment with Suburban Honda

Our Farmington Hills service team is ready to help you take care of spring car care. Give us a call and we'll get you into an appointment as soon as possible. 


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